The Super Army Fighters In Your Body

Billions of bacteria and viruses attack the body almost every second. The immune system is an intricate set of cells and proteins responsible for fighting infections. Immune systems have several jobs to make this happen, including killing bacteria and infected cells and producing antibodies. So this army of cells must be in tip-top shape at all times. In a weakened state, the body shows telltale signs. Fortunately, these 3 supplements can help.

ReNue Rx What Are The Signs Of A Weak Immune System 3 Supplements To Try

1. Get an immune boost with zinc

Zinc is a mineral needed in trace amounts with a host of essential benefits. Zinc helps with wound healing, vision, fertility, and healthy DNA. But the most critical job of this mineral is immune health. Zinc boosts the immune system, reducing the occurrence of colds and infections. Zinc also helps with gut health, as the supplement is effective in preventing diarrhea. Persons who are zinc deficient have a higher chance of contracting infections. Try a supplement with the recommended daily dose of 8-11 mg.

2. Fight off more than vampires

Garlic has powerful immune-boosting properties. Medical practitioners have used garlic for hundreds of years. Some of the active ingredients in garlic, like allicin, may boost immune health. Persons taking garlic supplements had a shorter recovery from the cold.

3. Billions of good bacteria

Almost 70% of the immune system lives in the gut with billions of healthy bacteria. A probiotic is a supplement that introduces billions of these friendly bacteria back into the intestine. Probiotics help restore immune health, reduce inflammation, and support healthy bacteria to evolve in the stomach. Speak with a doctor or pharmacist to recommend the best and safest probiotics available.

Poor gut health

Most of the immune system lives in the gut. So persons with digestive issues may also have a reduced immune system function. Constant gas, bloating, bouts of diarrhea or acid reflux are common reasons. Talk to a doctor for a full gut and immune health check.

Facing frequent infections

Persons with a weak immune system get infections more often than usual. These include ear infections, throat infections, sinusitis, and fungal infections. Multiple infections a year is a clear sign of an immune deficiency.

Feeling a bit meh

Fatigue comes with the stress of work and personal life. But what if there’s no real explanation? Tiredness is a symptom of many underlying conditions. However, doctors have seen a link between fatigue and a weakened immune system. A weak system can’t keep up with the body’s demands, needing more rest than usual. Tiredness, along with other symptoms, could be a sign of an autoimmune issue.

Can’t stop, won’t stop sneezing

Is the common cold a bit too common? The average healthy adult will pick up a cold 2 times yearly. Persons with poor immune systems will get the cold more often. The cold also sticks around longer, as the immune system is too weak to fight the virus.

Here’s what weakens the immune system

Despite the internal work of the immune system, external factors affect these cells. Poor diet, stress, poor sleep, and unhealthy environments are typical reasons. There can also be an underlying medical issue like diabetes, heart disease, or an autoimmune deficiency.

Bulk up that immune system today

The immune system is a critical network in the body. A weak immune system brings a host of unwanted infections and longer recovery times. This could negatively affect the quality of life. Speak with a doctor for help with signs of a weakened system. Then speak with a trusted pharmacist for a customized supplement for long-term health.


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