Vitamins, Supplements, And Overall Health

Vitamins are an essential part of life, touching every function of the human body. The human body is able to produce some vitamins, but most have to be consumed. Supplements are taken to provide extra boosts where needed.

ReNue Rx The Role Vitamins and Supplements Play In Your Overall Health

The benefits of vitamins

Even at rest, the body is active. Constantly producing and replenishing skin, tissue, muscle and bone, the body requires fuel. The fuel the body needs comes in the form of food. Food is what provides the body with the essential vitamins and nutrients. Vitamins help the body develop and function properly. Every system in the body is dependent on vitamins. The body can manufacture some vitamins, such as vitamin D from the sun and vitamin K produced in the gut. Most of the vitamins a body needs have to be consumed. The body needs 13 essential vitamins: vitamins A, C, D, E, K and the 8 types of B vitamins.

What do vitamins do?

Vitamins all have different jobs and functions. Some heal wounds, some bolster the immune system. And some vitamins keep nerves happy and help the body turn food into energy. Vitamins are essential nutrients that perform dozens of various roles within the human body.

Dynamic duos

There are certain vitamins and nutrients that work best in pairs. Most of what nutrition puts out shows the benefit of vitamins individually. Vitamins rarely work alone. Most of the benefits people get is from the interactions of vitamins. The list below shows the benefit of vitamin and mineral pairings:

Vitamin D and calcium

Vitamin D and calcium are both important for strong bones. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium into the intestines.

Sodium and potassium

Sodium is an essential nutrient but can be dangerous in high quantities. Potassium instructs the body to expel excess sodium.

Vitamin B12 and folate

Vitamin B12 and folate work together to encourage cell division and replication. The two also promote the metabolization of the amino acid homocysteine.

Niacin and tryptophan

Niacin helps regulate cholesterol. Consuming tryptophan helps avoid niacin deficits.


Because most diets are lacking in one nutrient or another, supplements work to bridge the gap. Supplements can be used as preventative methods, providing extra boosts of vitamins and nutrients. Taking supplements should be done under the guidance of a trained professional or nutritionist, as certain supplements can be dangerous when taken in high amounts. Multivitamins provide the benefit of multiple nutrients at once and ensure the correct dosage amounts are consumed. Using chelated forms of vitamins and minerals allows for quicker absorption into the body with fewer side effects.

Vitamins and supplements

Vitamins and supplements are needed for a healthy body. The body is able to produce a couple of the essential vitamins but must consume the rest. Supplements can bridge the gap or serve as an extra boost for improving a person’s health. Speak with a healthcare provider or pharmacist for individual supplement recommendations.


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