Staying safe while having fun

Vacations are fun and an excellent way for people to relax and unwind. But accidents can happen anywhere, including on days away from the office. For more serious scenarios, getting medical help is the best choice. But for more minor injuries like cuts and scrapes, having a first aid kit that’s stocked with the right items can ensure that vacation fun doesn’t have to end with a trip to an emergency room.

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Don’t forget prescription medications

The last thing a person wants to realize is that necessary prescription medication is missing. Before hitting the road, make sure that any medications that are taken regularly are also packed in the first aid kit or travel bag.

Motion sickness, nausea, and altitude sickness medications

Depending on where the road leads, people may experience a variety of location-related conditions. Hiking or camping in higher altitudes can cause altitude sickness for some people. Likewise, road trips can make some tummies uncomfortable. Be sure to include anti-nausea, motion sickness, and altitude sickness medications to avoid being sidelined by illness.

Plenty of bandages and antibiotic ointment

Hiking and camping can be great ways to explore nature. But trips and spills can lead to cuts and scrapes. Be sure to have an assortment of bandage sizes, including bandage closures to quickly take care of any minor injuries that arise. And, don’t forget the antibiotic ointment which can help to ensure that minor injuries like cuts, scrapes, or burns won’t get infected.

Consider adding an emergency blanket

Depending on when people decide to go camping or hiking, the weather can turn cool, especially at night or if a weather front moves in rapidly. Prevent the risk of hypothermia by having a quality emergency blanket on hand. These blankets are designed to be wind and waterproof while also helping to prevent body heat from escaping. For added safety, pick an emergency blanket that’s shred proof and highly visible.

Keep a first aid guide on hand

Unless a member of the camping or hiking party is a healthcare professional, having a first aid guide in a kit is a good idea. The guide can provide quick answers for identifying common injuries and symptoms, helping groups to determine whether any injury or incident can be managed at the campsite or needs professional attention.

Be prepared for anything

The above recommendations are by no means exhaustive. While people can make a first aid kit from scratch, prepackaged kits can also be purchased online or in various retail stores. For a full list of recommended items for a travel first aid kit, review the checklist from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Also, when camping or hiking, be sure to note the nearest medical center or clinic and any local emergency numbers for park services.


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