Caffeine: Friend or Foe?

Reaching for strong coffee before heading to work? Or maybe at 2 pm, the craving for cold brew strikes. Caffeine revs up metabolism and improves mood and performance. In contrast, too much caffeine causes insomnia, and worsens pre-existing conditions.

ReNue Rx Perk Up: Caffeine-Free Supplements For More Energy

Cutting the coffee

Is there a caffeine-free way to get through the day? In fact, there is. High-quality supplements are available to perk up caffeine lovers. Before reaching for the java or tea, try the following caffeine-free supplements.

Charge up with CoQ10

The body has a built-in charger. In the mitochondria is coenzyme Q10. The body creates CoQ10 naturally and jumpstarts the cells to create energy. But age and the demands on the body decrease CoQ10 supply. A caffeine-free CoQ10 supplement gives the much-needed boost plus a host of additional benefits.

Rev up with rhodiola rosea

The golden root known as rhodiola rosea is an effective energy-boosting supplement. For centuries, the root helped the energy levels of Europeans in harsh winter conditions. Rhodiola is easily accessible in pill or liquid form. Along with an energy boost, rhodiola may reduce stress and improve mood. So no more snapping at co-workers!

Boost with B12

Is no caffeine a drag? Or is a B12 deficiency the problem? Vitamin B12 has the ability to convert food into fuel. So a lack of B could be the reason for dragging to the office. Multivitamins often contain small traces of B vitamins. Stick to a B12 or B-complex supplement for best results.

Own the evenings with omega-3

Consider adding an omega-3 supplement to a vitamin stack. Omega-3 contains EPA and DHA, two essential fatty acids. The two acids manage a healthy heart and contribute to the body’s energy creation. Studies show omega-3s are also great for sleep apnea. Having a good night’s sleep can give the energy boost needed for hectic days ahead.

Better performance with bergamot

Bergamot is a citrus fruit exclusive to Southern Italy with a range of health benefits. Along with lowering cholesterol, bergamot impacts energy levels too. A bergamot supplement lowers stress and improves mental clarity. Furthermore, expect reduced stress levels, giving a needed pick-me-up.

Other notable caffeine-free supplements

A host of additional energy supplements have varying degrees of efficacy. For example, Ashwagandha, a plant native to India, has energy boosting properties. Zinc and iron aid in carrying oxygen-rich blood to the heart and extremities. Even a vitamin C deficiency impacts energy levels.


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