The Vitamin B Complex

The vitamin B complex is a group of B vitamins that are necessary for health. These vitamins perform a variety of functions such as preventing birth defects and strengthening the immune system. These vitamins can be found in foods, but some supplements contain all 8 of the vitamins that make up the complex. Furthermore, doctors may prescribe specific B-complex supplements to fight certain disorders like depression or anxiety.

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How many forms of vitamin B are there?

Vitamin B is an umbrella term that refers to 8 different vitamins. Each vitamin provides vital nutrients to every area of the body. The following list gives more information about some of the B vitamins.

Cobalamin to fight anemia

Cobalamin, vitamin B12, prevents anemia, a disease that reduces the amount of healthy red blood cells in the body. Cobalamin provides vital nutrients to the bloodstream and nerves.

Folic acid for mental health

Folic acid, vitamin B9, is part of the synthesis and repair process for DNA and RNA. The vitamin aids in cell growth and reproduction. Folic acid can also improve mental and emotional health.

Pyridoxine for immune health

Pyridoxine is another B vitamin that aids red blood production and helps the immune system stay healthy. This B6 vitamin can also help treat hereditary disorders and peripheral neuropathy.

Pantothenic acid for battling depression

Vitamin B5 helps the body process lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates. This vitamin is vital for immune health and may provide some relief for people battling depression.

Thiamin for brain and heart health

Thiamin, or vitamin B1, contributes to the growth of the brain and heart. The water-soluble vitamin is processed through the body’s small intestine.

Can vitamin B relieve depression?

Researchers have connected vitamin b12 deficiencies to depression and anxiety in humans. Additionally, vitamin B12 deficiencies can cause permanent brain and nerve damage. The recommended daily dose of vitamin B12 is 6 micrograms for adults and children over the age of 4. Vitamin B12 is present in animal products like beef, pork, and fish. The vitamin can also be found in leafy vegetables, avocados, nuts, and mushrooms. Folic acid deficiencies can also make a person more prone to depression, along with memory loss and reduced brain function.

Can a supplement help?

A healthcare provider will perform the necessary tests to see if a patient is suffering from vitamin B deficiency. With this information, a doctor can create a treatment plan which may include dietary changes, supplements, or medications. Consult a healthcare provider or pharmacist to learn more about vitamin B deficiencies and supplement options.


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