How To Increase Flexibility Fast

Flexibility is a crucial component of a dedicated exercise program. A flexible body can withstand more physical stress and reduce the risk of injury. Regular stretching allows bodies to perform dynamic and deep movements in a more efficient way. Essentially, stretching a body’s muscles and joints can improve flexibility in a matter of months.

ReNue Rx 3 Quick Ways To Improve Flexibility

Benefits of flexibility

Improved flexibility has numerous physical and mental benefits that can improve a training regimen fast. Working out tight muscles reduces the chance of injury during a workout, which means fewer aches and pains. Increasing flexibility also improves range of motion, posture, muscle strength, and physical performance for athletes. There are numerous quick ways to improve flexibility.

1. Dynamic and static stretching

Stretching is incredibly important during workouts or any other time of day. There are generally two types of stretching: dynamic and static. Static stretching is the most common type and involves very little movement. A partner can help increase stretch efficacy of static stretches. Dynamic stretching, however, uses movement to stretch joints and muscles in a full range of motion. Instead of holding down a position for 10 seconds, dynamic stretching incorporates functional movement that can be introduced during warmups.

2. Yoga

Yoga can be a more varied and interesting form of stretching for some people. Individuals can join a beginner class to get the feel of the stretching activity. Heated yoga is helpful for people who want to relax their muscles. Power yoga is a more advanced form that incorporates strength training. Yoga classes are widely available for all skill levels. Many studios and gyms offer a free introductory class for first-timers.

3. Supplements

Regular stretching and exercise can do wonders to improve flexibility, but certain nutrients can also aid in flexibility improvement. A healthy diet can offer all the necessary nutrients, but supplements can fill in any nutritional gaps. Supplements such as protein, vitamin C, zinc, and chondroitin are known to improve muscle, tendon, bone, and joint health. Common supplemental nutrients include:

  • Glucosamine promotes healthy cartilage and joint lubrication.
  • Chondroitin prevents the breakdown of cartilage and can reduce pain sensitivity.
  • Bromelain has robust anti-inflammatory properties.

Regular stretching is key

Stretching and improving flexibility is a lifelong mission. Lapses in stretches can offset any significant gains. Core strength is also an important factor in performing many different and complex stretches and strength exercises. Along with stretching, proper nutrition, hydration, and healthy lifestyle choices can improve flexibility in no time.


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