Wound Care Compounding

Wound Care

Good wound care is vital to proper healing. Custom compounded medications can help speed healing, reduce the risk of infection and avoid complications.

Importance of good wound care

Proper wound care is vital to efficient healing. An open wound is at risk for infection which can result in scarring, amputation or even death, if not properly managed.

Regardless of whether the wound occurred as a result of surgery, traumatic injury, site pressure, tissue donation, burns or cancer, appropriate medication therapy is needed to ensure the best possible healing.

The goal of quality wound care is to increase blood flow to the site, manage pain and prevent infection. Gentle but thorough cleansing, followed by application of topical medication and sterile dressing can keep the wound clean and allow it to heal quickly, while reducing the risk of side effects.

Compounded medications for wound care

Each wound should be evaluated, and a customized treatment plan put in place to promote healing. Over-the-counter wound care products may be caustic or harsh, leading to burning and irritation of the wound.

Compounded medications can be customized to the precise needs of the individual reducing damage from too potent or harsh applications while addressing specific concerns.

Compounding also allows multiple medications to be combined into one topical therapy. For example, a single compounded ointment could potentially contain an antiseptic, antibiotic and tissue growth stimulator, making treatment compliance easier and products more user-friendly. Anesthetics and antifungal agents can also be added to compounded topical preparations.

Compounded creams, ointments and gels offer unique wound healing benefits. Gels can reduce moisture and promote drying. They offer a protective barrier and aid in healthy tissue growth and can be easily irrigated away reducing the need for harsh scrubbing.

Creams and ointments adhere well to the wound and sustain moisture around the wound to reduce scarring and promote faster healing.

Topical bandages are designed to remain in place longer and maintain proper moisture balance.

Polyox bandage is a specially compounded wound care product containing multiple active ingredients. It promotes healing by adhering to the wound and forming a protective cover.

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