Making Medicine Time Less Of A Chore

Like adults, millions of kids take different medicines every day. Some take simple over-the-counter drugs for pain or fever. Others need long-term prescriptions to manage chronic conditions. Whatever the reason, kids face additional challenges when taking medication. One of the biggest challenges is the fear and difficulty of ingesting the pill or liquid. Kids who refuse to take medication can have worsening symptoms or hospitalization. A compounding pharmacy can help prepare suitable medicines for tricky cases.

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What is compounding?

A compounding pharmacy is versed in creating specific medicine formulations to meet the needs of individual patients. The compounding pharmacist is versed in combining active and inactive constituents and has most ingredients available in raw forms. A compounding pharmacy can take these raw ingredients and create medicines in new formulations that major pharmaceutical companies do not mass-produce. Children can benefit from compounding in several ways.

Easier to swallow

Young children have difficulty swallowing pills. Even small gel capsules can be a challenge. A compounding pharmacy can take the same active ingredients and make the drug into a formulation that is easier to swallow. For instance, the pharmacy can prepare a liquid, chewable tablet, or gummy form of the same medication.

Changing the taste

Can a compounding pharmacy do something about the taste of medicine? Some children refuse even liquid or chewable medication due to taste. Non-adherence could mean worsening symptoms or eventual hospitalization. The pharmacist can add harmless flavoring or coloring to make the medication more pleasing. This simple change can motivate the child to take the much-needed medication.

Allergies to ingredients

Both active and inactive ingredients in medicines can cause allergic reactions. At this point, speaking with a compounding pharmacist makes sense. Once the allergen is discovered, the pharmacist can recreate the drug without the allergen by using a safer alternative. In this situation, the application or format may be changed as well.

Creating discontinued drugs

Some children with unique conditions may need special treatment. These treatments can sometimes be unavailable, inaccessible, or discontinued by the pharmaceutical company. A compound pharmacy understands this dilemma and can provide a solution. The pharmacist can recreate the same drug in the same formulation so that the child does not go without their much-needed medication.

Does compounding make sense?

Compounding was once a popular means of providing patients with drugs to meet specific needs. Now, most drugs are mass-produced, reducing the need for customized care. However, some children can benefit from compounding. By producing medicine in different forms, kids can take prescriptions safely, increasing the chances of a smooth recovery.


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