Customizing Your Medication

Most people think of picking up medications as a transactional process. A patient receives a prescription, a pharmacist fills the prescription. However, many medications have unwanted or unpleasant side effects. At a compound pharmacy, patients have more options for customization. Here are some reasons why choosing a compound pharmacy may be optimal.

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What is compounding?

Compounding is the practice of customizing a pharmaceutical to meet a patient’s individual needs. This could include changing the dose, adding flavor, or removing ingredients the patient is allergic to. A pharmacy that specializes in compounding can customize medications for the patient. While all pharmacists are trained in the basics of compounding, pharmacists at compounding pharmacies spend the most time on these customizations.

Do you have allergies or intolerances?

Some people have allergies or intolerances to certain ingredients that are in many drugs. These can include gluten, lactose, or certain dyes. At traditional pharmacies, these patients don’t have many options besides obtaining an alternate prescription. At compounding pharmacies, pharmacists can provide a medication that is free of these ingredients and still meets the needs of the patient.

Adjusting dosage for specific patient needs

Some patients may need an adjusted dosage of medication. For example, some medications may only come in dosages that are appropriate for adults of a certain weight. For adults who are under or over this weight, a different dosage may be more appropriate. Additionally, some patients may be unable to swallow pills. A compounding pharmacy could offer medication in the form of a topical spray or lozenge which would be more appropriate for these patients.

Making medications more pleasant for children

While children’s medicines often try to flavor medication, these flavors are often still unpalatable. At a compounding pharmacy, the options for children are very customizable. A compounding pharmacy can offer children’s medications in the form of lozenges, sprays, or even lollipops or popsicles. This can make a parent’s job much easier when trying to get a child to adhere to taking medication.

Speak with a pharmacist

Compounding pharmacies offer many benefits. For patients that have unique needs or desire special customization, a compounding pharmacy may be the best solution. Speak to a pharmacist to learn more about the available options.


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