Treating Constipation

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Occasional issues with constipation are normal for most people; chronic constipation can interfere with daily life.

Having less than three bowel movements per week is considered constipation. Other signs are when your bowel movements are less frequent than what is normal for you when it is difficult to actually go to the bathroom, and when the bowel movement is hard, dry, and either larger or smaller than normal. Bloating and discomfort usually accompany constipation.

A pharmacist at ReNue Rx Frisco can be a big help with constipation issues. Your pharmacist can check to see if any of your prescribed medications might be the cause. If so, you may want to see your family physician to have your medications altered to remove that side effect.

Diet plays a part in constipation and it can occur from having too little fiber in your diet. A healthy diet should have plenty of whole grains, nuts, apples, beans, and leafy vegetables. Fiber supplements may also help and a ReNue Rx pharmacist can suggest reliable brands. Staying well hydrated by drinking plenty of water daily also helps avoid constipation. Daily gentle exercise, such as walking or whatever you are able to do, can also help prevent constipation.

Other ways to self-manage constipation are with laxatives, suppositories, and mineral oil. If you self-manage with laxatives and other aids and there is no change after seven days, make sure to see your health care provider.

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