Long-Term Solutions To Prevent Scars

A cut, scrape, or blemish can put a damper on anyone’s day. While picking at a wound may feel good temporarily, the negative results can be long-lasting. To prevent scarring, keep wounds clean, covered, and unbothered. For long-term scarring reduction, dermatology compounding treatments may be a good option.

ReNue Rx The Best Ways To Prevent A Scar Dermatology Compounding Treatments

1. Keep cuts clean and covered

One of the most crucial steps in proper wound care is keeping wounds clean. To achieve this, use an antibacterial ointment and cover the cut with a bandage. Bacteria or debris in the wound can worsen inflammation. A more extended period of inflammation directly affects whether or not a scar will form.

2. Keep the wound moist.

Whenever a cut, scrape, or blemish turns into a scab, the chances of scarring are higher. To prevent scabs from forming, keep the affected area moist. People can use antibacterial creams or ointments to prevent scar formation. Alternatively, applying petroleum jelly to the affected area can be just as effective.

3. Hands off the wound

One of the biggest culprits of scars is picking at wounds or scabs. Even if an injury itches, scratching irritates the area, leading to increased inflammation. The more inflamed a cut gets, the higher the chance of both scarring and infection.

4. Use sunscreen

After wounds have healed, these areas are more susceptible to sun damage. Apply a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 on all healed wounds. This will help to reduce redness or discoloration and ensures that any scars fade faster.

Customized skincare solutions

Dermatology compounding is the practice of creating personalized formulas for skincare. There are a variety of reasons why patients may prefer this option. Compounding allows for patients to receive skincare treatments in the preferred product and dosage. Additionally, customized formulas can give patients a unique blend of ingredients to achieve desired results.

Reversing scar damage

Compounding treatments can be highly effective for reducing the appearance of scars. Some research found that patients who had customized treatment for acne scars saw a more significant improvement than those who used over-the-counter products. Similarly, patients who had compounded treatments saw improvement in sun damage and psoriasis symptoms.

Learn more about personalized skincare

Personalized skincare can help people save time, money, and bring great results. These products contain the ingredients a person needs, without the unnecessary ones. Speak with a pharmacist to learn more about dermatology compounding.


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