Does One Size Fit All?

All medication is not made equal. Big pharmacies produce millions of pills a month to meet demand. However, mass-produced medicine could spell disaster for patients with specific needs. About 20% of allergic deaths are medicine-related. Each person is different, with different genetics, DNA, and requirements. So who caters to these unique patients? Luckily, compound medication provides the personalized service patients crave.

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Enter compound medication

Like a tailor making a custom suit, a compound pharmacy makes medication specific to each patient’s needs. Pharmacy technicians make compound medication on location in a short timeframe. Advances in technology mean compounders can customize drugs to specific doses, ingredients, and forms. And there’s a growing demand for compound medication too. The market expects to exceed 7% growth by 2025.

How is compound medicine right for me?

Compounding is safe and effective. But this does not discount the fact that conventional medication works for many patients. With compounding costs being more than traditional medication, patients may stick with over-the-counter stuff. The convenience of standard drugs is also a huge incentive. So what factors make compounding the right move?

Staying allergy-free

Standard medication often contains dyes or preservatives. While these are safe to consume for most persons, these additives can be a dangerous allergen for a select few. Studies show that at least 1 in 10 persons could be allergic to standard over-the-counter remedies. Compound medication allows the key components to be present while removing harmful chemicals. Try compounding if allergies are a serious concern.

The right dose, every time

The mass-produced medication on the market comes in specific doses. The sole aim of compounding is to create medication for a single patient’s needs in mind. A patient may need a stronger or weaker specific dosage. In other instances, a doctor could recommend a particular strength, for example, with a child. Keeping this in mind, compounding ensures a safe dosage every time.

Does it come in a liquid?

The great thing about compounding is that patients aren’t limited to pill form. Producing pills is cheaper and faster. However, the pill form is not always convenient. Some patients have difficulty swallowing pills. Specialized pharmacies can convert the pill to a liquid form or gel form for easy consumption. Compound medication has also uncovered some ingenious ways to administer medication, too. For example, pharmacists can change the same medication in a pill form into a topical cream. Explore compounding if a pill form is an obstacle to taking medication.

Customization at its best

Is that vital medicine no longer on the market? Major pharmacies discontinue critical medication because of low profitability. Compounding provides a special batch that’s unavailable anywhere else. For patients needing to take over one pill, pharmacists can combine the medicine into one convenient dose. With access to raw materials and technology, the combinations are almost endless.

Try compound medication today

Compounding is preparing a medication that caters to the specific needs of patients. Some compound pharmacies go beyond the call, doing deep research to find the best solutions. Are allergies, dosage, or the type of medicine a concern? Then talk to a pharmacist about compounding. The pharmacy may provide the unique medication needed to stay healthy and happy.


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