Symptoms and Causes of Low Blood Pressure

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Understanding the symptoms and causes for extremely low blood pressure is important for knowing how to manage it. Your family physician and your pharmacist can play a helpful role in helping you with low blood pressure.

Your blood pressure reading should be more than 120/80mmHg, but less than 140/90mmHg. When your blood pressure reading is less than 90/60mmHg, it is considered low blood pressure.

Your local pharmacy should have a blood pressure monitor to check your blood pressure. If you visit ReNue Rx Frisco, our pharmacists can also suggest a reliable monitor for at-home checking. The American Heart Association also has a blood pressure checking APP that you can download to your smartphone. Keeping track of your blood pressure can help you monitor your symptoms, and your pharmacist can help you with questions about low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure is considered concerning when there are accompanying symptoms. Extreme low blood pressure means that the brain and other organs are being deprived of oxygen and necessary nutrients. So being aware of the symptoms is crucial for getting help in managing low blood pressure.

Symptoms of low blood pressure include: dizziness, nausea, extreme thirst and dehydration, inability to concentrate, blurred vision, clammy skin, rapid breathing, extreme fatigue, and depression.

Some causes of low blood pressure include cardiac problems, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Addison’s disease, medications that cause low blood pressure, dehydration, shock, sepsis, lengthy bed rest, pregnancy (especially early pregnancy), significant blood loss, allergic reaction, and nutrition deficiencies.

Ways to manage low blood pressure include good hydration; limit alcohol and caffeine; slowly stand up instead of quickly; don’t stand for long periods of time; increase salt intake; avoid hot water showers and baths; and consider using compression socks or stockings.

To learn more about managing your blood pressure, visit ReNue Rx pharmacy in Frisco.

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