The Rise Of Compounded Supplements

Athletes constantly seek ways to enhance performance and gain an edge on the field. While rigorous training, proper nutrition, and dedicated practice play pivotal roles, the best athletes must consume the right vitamins and minerals through supplementation. However, standard supplements purchased over-the-counter (OTC) are often insufficient. Athletes are now gaining an edge with compounding. Customized supplements can provide tailored solutions to athletes’ unique needs, helping individuals reach new heights in athletic performance.


A tailored solution for today’s athlete

Compounding is a pharmaceutical practice where a pharmacist creates a drug or supplement specific to the user’s needs. The pharmacist and patient decide what goes into the formula, select a preferred form, and fine-tune the potency. The pharmacist then proceeds to mix the ingredients and create the compound. Unlike mass-produced supplements, compounded supplements are personalized to align with an athlete’s individual goals, body composition, and sport-specific needs. Compounded supplements also enable precise targeting of nutrients that the body needs the most.

Compounding may maximize endurance

Whether replenishing electrolytes after an intense workout or boosting muscle recovery with amino acids, supplements should deliver the proper nutrients to the right places. For instance, athletes who engage in endurance competitions require a high level of nutrients such as calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, and vitamin D to support bone and joint health. Such nutrients are not readily produced in the body or easily absorbed from diet alone. Dedicated competitors may also use supplements for increased endurance, focus, and speed. Protein shakes, carbohydrate sources such as maltodextrin and glucose, beetroot powder, and creatine can offer an added boost. Compounding creates a convenient solution for athletes to ensure peak endurance during training or competition.

Bioavailability, absorption, and muscle growth

Compounded supplements are also formulated to optimize bioavailability and absorption. This means that the body can efficiently utilize the nutrients, leading to quicker and more effective results. Any athlete serious about muscle growth will want to take a supplement that helps stimulate protein synthesis and regulates metabolism. Paired with resistance training and a well-rounded diet, noticeable results are possible. The athlete may have multiple compound formulas like a pre-workout formula with creatine, beta-alanine, branched-chain amino acids (BCCAs) for fueling the muscles during exercise, and citrulline for nitric oxide support. A post-workout supplement can also help with muscle growth, decrease muscular pain, and aid in recovery. Compounding ensures high-quality ingredients that are natural and easily absorbed.

More value for money

Whether an athlete wants to gain more power, improve strength, increase endurance, or help the body recover, a supplement can meet those needs. However, with multiple supplements available on the market, some athletes must try numerous brands and types before settling on a particular product. Even then, some supplements have inferior ingredients or lack the bioavailability required. Although compounding takes more time and money than an OTC supplement, the results are markedly improved. The athlete can invest in performance while avoiding fillers or ingredients that cause side effects. Over time, a personalized compound supplement will surely be more cost-effective than trying multiple supplements and formulations without success.

Minimize risk of banned substances

Athletes are often concerned about inadvertent doping due to contaminated supplements. With professional athletes, the stakes are high, and using a banned substance can lead to lengthy suspensions. Prohibited substances are easily added in some supplements or disguised as different names on ingredient labels. Compounded supplements, on the other hand, are sourced from trusted ingredients, reducing the risk of inadvertently ingesting banned substances.

Unlock your full potential

In the dynamic world of sports, every inch of progress matters. Compounded supplements offer athletes a chance to unlock full potential by providing tailored solutions to performance needs. While supplements are not a magic bullet, compounding can be valuable to an athlete’s arsenal, providing the edge needed to excel on the field. With better control and safety, the future of supplementation for professional athletes will involve compounding.


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