What Compounded Care Does for You

Modern medication has provided life-saving treatment for numerous disease states. However, overlapping prescriptions can present issues for individual patients. Compounding pharmacists create a customized product that can more effectively treat patients with intolerances to traditional drugs. To determine if compounded medications are needed, patients must share drug allergies, intolerances, and current medications, as the pharmacist manages local supply and availability.

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Patient-tailored care

Compounded medications benefit many people but prove particularly helpful to patients with allergies. For patients allergic to a component in a specific drug, many healthcare experts recommend compounded medications. Customizing the dose allows pharmacists to remove problematic ingredients and ensure precise, made-to-measure treatments. Compounded medications enable pharmacists to change the form of the drug to make delivery easier. Patients unable to swallow pills can take the medication in flavored liquid form.

Lab experience required

Many pharmacies can compound medications on-site, but lab experience is often needed to develop solutions for patients taking multiple daily pills. An experience-based understanding of formulation science is critical in developing, manufacturing, and testing chemical products and clinical solutions. Chemists inform decisions about quantities and combinations of active and inactive ingredients while incorporating science-based quality procedures and testing the drug’s medical stability.

Developing a life-saving pipeline

At any point in time, there are numerous approved and marketed drugs, vaccines, and biological products that are limited in availability. In cases of short supplies, compounded medications fill this gap by providing tailored medical treatment to remote parts of the nation, which are the first to go underserved. When drugs are in shortage, compounded medications allow rural hospitals to maintain pharmaceutical care.

Compounding works for you

Compounding medication helps individual patients and the greater community by providing vital medical care. Vulnerable patient populations benefit from access to simple-to-consume treatment, including elderly and pediatric patients. By changing the medication delivery system, pharmacists can better provide care to patients unable to swallow pills. While compounded medications should not be the first line of defense in a treatment plan, customized doses give vital care to countless people with atypical medical needs.


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