Can A Pharmacist Help With Your Wounds?

Over 5 million Americans get severe or chronic wounds every year. Each of these wounds is different and heals differently. So getting the right care after surgery is critical. Poor wound care means more pain, more prolonged healing, and the risk of infection. This places the patient at risk for additional surgeries, amputation, and even death. Luckily, pharmacists can help speed wound healing using compounding treatments.

ReNue Rx Speed Wound Healing And Prevent Infection With Compounding Treatments

What’s a compound treatment?

Compounding is the creation of customized medication to suit the needs of the patient. A pharmacist can create a potent mix of medicines in the right dosage and form for each patient. Compounding is not new. The process was a standard practice many decades ago. But with the surge of pharmaceutical corporations came one-size-fits-all medication. Gone were the individual needs of patients. Now, as patients become more self-aware, compounding has once again become instrumental.

The compound treatment advantage

Advancements in medicine have allowed compounding pharmacists to leave out harmful ingredients. Pharmacists can even change delivery methods. Some patients are allergic to additives in standard medication. Others are unable to take medication at the standard strength or orally. More importantly, there is life-saving medicine that is no longer on the market. Compounding solves all of these issues and more. So how do compounding treatments apply to wounds?

Get super-hero like healing

Chronic wounds need a constant supply of oxygen for proper healing. Other factors that affect wound healing include age, weight, and current health. Compound pharmacists can mix the right amount and type of medicine in each treatment. This is especially helpful in the proliferative stage. In this stage, the wound starts creating new blood vessels and skin cells. The medication can be made into a topical, gel, or powder form to apply directly to the injury. Pharmacists can even mix the medicine with bandages for prolonged release. Patients should see faster and cleaner healing when using compound treatments.

Banish bad bacteria

If the wound getting infected is a serious concern, compound medication can help. Many chronic wounds get infected each year. With infections, bacteria form at the site of the injury. This can cause inflammation, swelling, tissue damage, and slow healing. Compound medication sends treatment like antibiotics directly to the wound instead of orally.

Count on compounding today

Compound treatments can help wounds heal and prevent infections. These customized medications only focus on the best, most-potent doses to support the healing process. Talk to a pharmacist or doctor for access to this specialized medication today.


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