Helping Kids Overcome The Yuck

Children tend to dislike the taste of medicines, especially those that have a strong or unpleasant flavor. Sometimes, even flavored over-the-counter medication can lead to discontent. As such, parents or caregivers often struggle in giving kids the prescribed medication. An already sick child can face severe emotional stress from a lack of medicine. Other factors like dosage, form, and ingredients can also impact children. In these cases, compounding can make medication adherence easier and more effective for children.


What is compounding?

Compounding is the process of customizing medications to meet specific patient needs. This is typically done by a compounding pharmacist who is knowledgeable about the different ingredients and techniques to create customized medications. Through compounding, the pharmacist can modify the taste, texture, and form, making medicine more palatable and easier for the patient to take. Elderly patients, those who have difficulty swallowing, or people who have allergies to certain ingredients can benefit from compounded medications. Moreover, compounding is especially helpful for children who may have difficulty taking commercially available medications due to taste preferences or texture aversions. Here are some benefits of compounding for children.

Making the taste of the medicine more appealing

Compounding pharmacists can add fruity or sweet flavors to make the medication taste better for children. The pharmacist can also remove or mask the unwanted flavors that children find unpleasant, making the medication more palatable. This creates a custom solution that’s unavailable on the market. Improving the medicine’s taste can significantly increase the likelihood that children will take the medication without resistance or hesitation.

Compounding allows for the customization of medication forms

Aside from the taste, compounding also allows pharmacists to change the physical form of the medicine. Some children have difficulty swallowing pills or tablets. Compounding pharmacists can create alternate forms such as liquids, suspensions, or even chewable gummies. These forms are usually easier for children to take and can help ensure proper dosage administration.

Adjusting the strength and dosage of medication

In some instances, the prescribed medicine may not be available in the appropriate strength or dosage for children. Simply taking less medication may not be accurate for the child’s needs. Compounding pharmacists can formulate the medication in the exact strength and dosage needed for the child. Based on the child’s weight and specific needs, the compounding pharmacist can adjust the medication to ensure accurate dosing and effectiveness.

Skip the allergies

If a child is allergic to certain ingredients in commercially available medications, compounding can provide a solution to this problem. Compounding pharmacists can create customized medications that exclude specific allergens or ingredients. This ensures that the child receives the necessary treatment without any adverse reactions.

Find a compounding pharmacist near you

Parents or caregivers who need help in giving medicines to children should consider seeking out a compounding pharmacy. These pharmacies have trained pharmacists who specialize in compounding medications that will be particularly beneficial for children. Such pharmacists can also provide valuable guidance and counseling on proper medication administration to parents or caregivers, ensuring that children receive the medications safely and effectively.


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