It’s Time To Transfer Your Prescriptions

Filling one prescription is as easy as finding a nearby retail pharmacy. When the number of drugs rises, however, things can get complicated. Remembering where the prescription was filled, managing multiple medications, and taking all on time can be stressful. At that point, transferring all prescriptions to one location make sense. Almost any commercial pharmacy can handle multiple medications. However, there are some added benefits to moving to pharmacists who do compounding.

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What is compounding?

The first pharmacist profession, and the science of pharmacy, is based on compounding. In the past, if a patient needed a prescription, the pharmacist would combine the drugs in-house. The patient would then collect a customized medication. With the rise of major pharmaceutical companies came the mass production of medicine, reducing the need for compounding. Today, patients are again relying on compounding to meet individual needs. Compounding combines several ingredients or several drugs into a single-use form.

Why move to a compound pharmacy?

Compound pharmacies are usually smaller boutique pharmacies dedicated to meet the individual needs of patients. If a patient has multiple prescriptions for chronic diseases, also known as polypharmacy, consolidating will have several benefits. The pharmacy will be able to create the same drug without ingredients that cause unwanted side effects. Patients can also request medication in different forms. Best of all, compounding reduces polypharmacy by creating 1 or 2 drugs. These benefits make adherence easier and lead to a healthier patient.

Creating unique medication for your needs

Compound pharmacies are also community pharmacies. Look for smaller pharmacies in the neighborhood and ask about compounding. Moving prescriptions to the pharmacy bring another key advantage. The pharmacist will be able to create a medication that’s no longer on the market. Patients save time searching for the drug and save money since the pharmacy will have access to the raw materials.

A fantastic, fruitful relationship

Medication management and pain management must go beyond dispensing medicine. Patients need a holistic approach to disease management, and pharmacists can help. Both pharmacists and staff are community members who have vest interest in the patient’s health and wellness. These pharmacies are more likely to provide additional resources, counseling, and prescription follow-up. Over time, patients are more comfortable revealing information to the pharmacist that can help manage the condition.

Helping to keep you on track

Taking multiple medications requires disciple and can sometimes be stressful. These and other reasons lead to a lack of medication adherence. Not taking medication can worsen symptoms, increase medical costs, and can even be deadly. Pharmacists who compound also perform medication reviews. These checks identify issues with taking medicine. The pharmacist can then suggest solutions, compounding or otherwise, to keep the patient on track.

Shift to a compound pharmacy

With excellent service, unique medication, and specialized services, compounding makes things easier. Pharmacists who compound have a deep understanding of medicine and how each impacts the body and each other. Patients will get detailed recommendations that aren’t possible with a doctor. Take stock of where each prescription is located, then coordinate with each to get the medication to one place.


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