What is an Over-active Bladder?

You might have an over-active bladder if you have an overwhelming uncontrollable urge to urinate, are unable to control urination, urinate more than eight times daily, and are up to urinate three or more times at night.

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What can I do about my over-active bladder?

There are some easy lifestyle changes that might help with your over-active bladder symptoms.

If you weigh more than the normal weight for your size and age the extra weight could be causing stress to your bladder.

Continue to drink fluids. Cutting down on fluids to help reduce the uncontrollable urge to urinate may not work. Ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist how much fluid you need daily.

What you eat and drink can affect urination. According to Mayo Clinic, possible culprits include caffeine, alcohol, carbonated drinks, chocolate, citrus, artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, vinegar, apples, cranberries, spicy food, honey, milk, sugar, and tomatoes.

Your pharmacist can also review your prescriptions to see if your medications cause over-active bladder as a side effect.

How is an over-active bladder diagnosed?

If your over-active bladder continues or worsens, a visit to your healthcare provider is the next step. Before your appointment, keep a bladder diary and record when and how much fluid you drink, when and how much you urinate, and also note uncontrollable urges and when you can’t control the urine flow. Bring all medicines or supplements that you are currently taking. Note any other symptoms you have along with the uncontrollable urge to urinate.

Your healthcare provider will then assess, test, and diagnose.

Over-active bladder treatments

There are a variety of treatments offered for over-active bladder. Easy to do pelvic floor exercises (Kegel exercises), work on maintaining a healthy weight, urination schedule so you do not wait too long between trips, intermittent catheterization, absorbable underwear, and bladder training are all first steps to treating your over-active bladder.

Sometimes medications are used to help over-active bladder. Other treatments can include bladder injections, nerve stimulation, and surgery.

Your healthcare provider can help decide what is best for you and also refer you to a specialist for more help and treatment.

Do not ignore over-active bladder

Sometimes an over-active bladder is easily resolved. Other times it is the symptom of a serious infection or condition. Never ignore your symptoms and see your healthcare provider about your over-active bladder.

If you think you have an over-active bladder, contact us today for information on medication that may help.


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