Need Help Managing Multiple Prescriptions?

Millions of Americans, about 66% of the population, take at least 1 prescription daily. This figure increases to 85% for those aged 60 and older. Further, 54% of this older age group take 4 or more prescriptions daily. Managing multiple medications is essential to the health and well-being of people with chronic diseases. However, keeping track of so many prescriptions can be a challenge. Local pharmacies can provide vital services that help make prescription drug management easier for patients.

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Benefits of local pharmacies

Nowadays, there are thousands of big box brand pharmacies. However, millions of Americans still depend on local pharmacies for various health-related services. In addition to filling prescriptions and providing other medication-related services, local pharmacies provide patients with personalized healthcare information. This information includes medication reviews to help patients better manage prescriptions. Local pharmacies also offer a customer-centric approach to medicine. As a result, patients build long-term, trusting relationships with local pharmacies. Patients who regularly visit a local pharmacy are more likely to adhere to treatment regimens, resulting in improved health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Attention to detail

Local pharmacies can review detailed information about the patient’s medical history. This data allows the pharmacy to refill prescriptions on time. In addition, detailed instructions and personalized training can help direct patients on the best time and technique for medicine use. Medication reviews also help patients avoid harmful interactions or side effects. The pharmacist can identify potential dangers, then suggest changes that benefit the patient.

The power of compounding

Local pharmacies can also create custom medication to help patients with allergies or trouble swallowing drugs. Through compounding, the pharmacist takes multiple ingredients or prescriptions and makes 1 easy-to-use medication. Compounding helps people who have trouble remembering to take multiple medications at once. This approach can also help patients who don’t like swallowing multiple pills. This added service helps smaller pharmacies stand out from retail drugstores.

Let’s go local

Most patients are tempted to fill prescriptions at larger pharmacies. However, smaller locations can help patients navigate the use of multiple drugs. Choose a local pharmacy that performs medication reviews and compounding. Look at online reviews for more information about the quality of service a particular pharmacy provides. The pharmacist should have a reputation for helping customers navigate the difficulty of multiple medications. Finding a local pharmacy can be challenging, but the long-term benefits are fantastic.


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