When The Damage Has Already Been Done

Protecting skin from the sun’s powerful rays is essential. Too many sunburns and tans can lead to weathered, wrinkled skin, and even skin cancer. But what if the sun damage has already been done? Is there an option to help reverse the effects? Customized skincare treatments may be the magic solution.

ReNue Rx How Customized Skincare Can Help Reverse Sun Damage

Early signs of aging

Most people like to blame fine lines and wrinkles on getting a year older. But the reality is much different. Up to 90% of the visible signs of aging are actually due to sun damage. Also called photoaging, these visible changes are the cumulation of all the sun damage a person has sustained over a lifetime.

The photoaging process

When a person gets sunburned, the UVA rays damage collagen. This causes an increase in elastin production. However, this process also increases the production of certain enzymes. The purpose of these enzymes is to rebuild collagen. But when the enzymes overproduce, the skin can be restored incorrectly. The result? Leathery, wrinkled, sagging skin.

What can I do?

Avoiding the sun completely can be a challenge, especially in warm, sunny climates. That’s why wearing sunscreen every single day is so important. Choose a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 that contains titanium oxide or zinc oxide. Regular sunscreen use can keep photoaging away for longer.

What if the damage is done?

Fortunately, there are ingredients that will help to reverse sun damage. Some sunscreens contain enzymes to help repair the DNA and undo previous sun damage. Other elements, like vitamins C and E and green tea antioxidants, will help to lighten dark spots. Using daily retinol can also work wonders for creating brighter, younger-looking skin.

Ingredients that work for you

Each person’s skin is unique. Some people may benefit more from vitamin C serum, while others may boast significant benefits of retinol. How can people know which are the right products? Customized skincare may be the solution.

Your skin needs a personalized solution

Customized skincare offers people products that are custom-formulated for individual skin concerns. Rather than using multiple products, personalized skincare can combine numerous ingredients into one product that packs a punch. The result can be saved time, money, and brighter, younger-looking skin.

Improve your skin today

Ready to get started with a customized skincare solution? Speak with a dermatologist or pharmacist to learn more about the options. Better skin is right around the corner.


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