Customized Psoriasis Treatment

Affecting an estimated 8 million people in the United States, psoriasis is a chronic skin disease where raised, itchy, sometimes painful red patches form on parts of the skin. These patches can be small or quite large, depending on the severity of the disease. Most psoriasis outbreaks occur on the elbows, arms, knees, and legs but can also form on the lower back and scalp. Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition where the body’s antibodies attack skin cells. This process causes a severe inflammatory response and rapid turnover of skin cells, leading to plaque-like flaking. Treating severe psoriasis involves medication, but the efficacy and side effects can come into question. With a customized compounded treatment, people with severe psoriasis have a more effective solution.


Should you customize with compounding?

Doctors will recommend medications to address the symptoms and possible underlying causes of severe psoriasis. Topical corticosteroids and retinoids help slow psoriasis flare-ups and address flaking skin. Oral drugs and biologics, often provided by injection, can also suppress the immune system and reduce flare-ups. While treatments are effective, patients often struggle with adherence. In some cases, pharmacists will recommend a compounded solution. Compounding is the process of creating medications for an individual’s needs. The compounding pharmacist is skilled in recreating medicines or combining multiple drugs into a single form. For severe psoriasis, a customized compounded treatment offers many benefits.

The right solution for you

Medication for psoriasis may come in standard forms with a set ingredient list. While effective for some individuals, these medicines can lead to severe side effects for other people. Compounding can create medication in specific doses for each user. This option can improve medication adherence, reducing psoriasis flare-ups. Some medicines also come in forms that may be difficult to ingest. Compounding can change the form to a topical option, foam, spray, or cream to make consuming the medicine easier.

Avoid allergens and drug interactions

Psoriasis medications can have side effects that make consuming the drug unpleasant. Poor medication adherence can lead to more severe flare-ups in the future. Removing added ingredients in a custom solution can be more palatable. Psoriasis treatments can also negatively interact with other medications. Drug interactions can be dangerous, leading to long-term complications. Compounding can provide a custom solution that avoids drug interactions by changing the form or removing the trigger.

Enjoy long-term relief

Psoriasis medication works best with consistent use over time. However, factors like allergens and the incorrect form can lead to missed doses, especially if multiple drugs are needed. Compounding can combine numerous active ingredients into a single formulation. By carefully selecting and blending medications, the new drug can target various aspects of psoriasis pathology. Compounding medication can lead to enhanced effectiveness when compared to standard prescription drugs.

Take control of your psoriasis

Severe psoriasis can impact quality of life and require medication for effective management. Standard drugs, while effective, can have disadvantages and side effects. A custom treatment can provide comprehensive relief while avoiding any issues that may arise. Consult a compounding pharmacist to assess all current medications and create a new psoriasis solution.


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