Effects of Compounded Corticosteroids

Effects of Compounded Corticosteroids - ReNue Pharmacy Frisco

Corticosteroids have been used for decades in a wide range of diseases, including auto-immune and inflammatory conditions.

While they are very effective at treating certain diseases, corticosteroids come with their own sets of challenges and side effects. Because of these side effects, it is important to reduce the exposure as much as possible. Compounding is a great way to achieve this.

What are compounded corticosteroids?

Corticosteroids come in different strengths and different formulations, however, as with any product, there are only limited commercially available options. Therefore, compounded steroids offer a great alternative.

Corticosteroids can be compounded into different products to address a wide range of conditions, including acne, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, atopic or contact dermatitis, systemic lupus erythematosus, or relief of redness, inflammation, itching, poison ivy, or pain in the eye.

How are compounded corticosteroids different?

Your doctor and ReNue Rx pharmacist can create a product that is tailored to your needs, including different strengths, alternate ways of delivering the medication, and a combination of active and inactive ingredients.

  • Strengths – one of the main considerations with corticosteroids is to use a dose that is effective but not more than is required. Compounded corticosteroids can be made into different strengths to ensure you receive the best dose for your needs
  • Delivery – another effective way of ensuring you don’t receive more corticosteroids than you need is by targeting the delivery. This can be done by compounding the medication into eyedrops or topical creams, lotions, gels, or patches
  • Combination – combining corticosteroids with other products can enhance the effects and/or reduce the side effects of them without altering their effectiveness

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