Healthy Hair Is Possible

Having a full head of thick, shiny, and healthy hair is a goal for many. However, dandruff and hair loss are common and challenging problems. Dandruff is a symptom of a dry scalp caused by many factors, such as environmental allergens, hormonal changes, diet, stress, and genetics. Hair loss is another major issue. Men and women can experience hair loss due to genetics, medications, lifestyle, certain hairstyles, stress, or environmental factors. Getting that perfect hair requires an ironclad routine, especially if dandruff or growth problems are present. A pharmacist can help address these issues by formulating a custom shampoo, targeting the specific problems experienced.


The beauty of customized shampoos

Hair care has come a long way in recent years. Nowadays, there are various products available for every hair type. However, a custom shampoo may be ideal for those with more demanding or complex hair needs. The beauty industry has introduced different shampoos and hair care products to target specific issues. These are usually effective but may be different from what a person actually needs. A customized shampoo created by a dermatology compounding pharmacist can help address concerns like dandruff and hair loss.

A personalized product

Dermatology compounding is making customized solutions for skin and hair conditions. These pharmacists understand the importance of creating a product that provides the best possible results for each patient. Dermatology pharmacists also have access to a wide variety of ingredients that can be used to develop a custom shampoo. The pharmacist will determine which components are best for the problem at hand, providing a customized solution that results in real change.

How customized shampoo can help

Although many custom shampoos are effective for fighting dandruff, these over-the-counter (OTC) products are sometimes harsh on the scalp. People sensitive to antifungal ingredients need a strong product that does not cause irritation. A custom shampoo can use natural products like zinc and beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs) to help with cell turnover. The custom creations also reduce oiliness and itching and improve hydration. Compounded shampoos can also increase the amount of active ingredients while removing fillers and other harsh chemicals known to cause long-term damage.

Addressing hair loss

A custom shampoo can be an effective treatment for people with thinning hair caused by mild to moderate alopecia areata. The active ingredients help improve hair growth and slow the progression of the disease. In particular, a custom shampoo containing biotin may help patients with hair loss caused by male pattern baldness. Biotin helps promote hair growth by stimulating protein synthesis in the skin and scalp. Custom shampoos encourage hair growth and shine and can be made in different forms based on the individual’s preferences.

Don’t split hairs over shampoo

Dandruff and hair loss are common hair problems that are difficult to fix. Sometimes, commercially-available hair products are not enough to address the root cause of the hair problems. Dermatology compounding can help formulate specialized products explicitly addressing the specific hair problem. With access to a broader range of different ingredients, hair will be longer and shinier in no time.


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