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ReNue Rx pharmacists understand the many different types of insulin and how they work in your body. They can explain and help you understand your dosage for your best insulin management.

Those with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes require knowledge of insulin, dosage, and proper nutrition. While those with diabetes require the care of an endocrinologist, the diabetes health care specialist, your ReNue pharmacist can also give you guidance.

Each person is different, and with a variety of insulin and dosage regimens, it becomes a very personal plan. Once that plan is established with your endocrinologist, your pharmacist at ReNue Rx can help you to understand more about your diabetes management. Your pharmacist should have a good working knowledge of the various types of insulin.

You can talk to your ReNue Rx pharmacist about proper dosing and he or she can help you detect dosing errors and how to correct that. Your pharmacist can also explain your insulin type to you, including the brand, the name of the insulin, and how it works. You can also learn more about hypoglycemia and how to manage it if it happens. When you receive too much insulin, the result is a hypoglycemic reaction or a low blood sugar. This needs to be quickly treated with fast-acting carbohydrates. Too little insulin can result in a hyperglycemic reaction, which can also be dangerous and lead to ketoacidosis and even coma. It also needs to be quickly treated with additional insulin.

By establishing a good relationship with a pharmacist at ReNue Rx, you can keep better track of your diabetes management. By talking with you and reviewing your care record, your pharmacist can suggest when you might need help from your physician.

If you’d like to discuss your diabetes health with our pharmacists, visit ReNue RX in Frisco.

ReNue RX specializes in prescription compounding. We have a well-trained staff and a fast, friendly and professional service. To learn more, visit ReNue Rx .


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