The Case For Compounding Pharmacies

For most people, getting a prescription filled isn’t a monumental event. A patient receives a script from a medical professional, heads to a pharmacy where the pharmacist fulfills the request, and then leaves with the medication. However, for some people, more care is needed. Not everyone or every situation calls for a compounding pharmacist, but this approach can offer significant benefits in some cases. Knowing when to opt for a more customized solution when a prescription needs to be filled can give people more control over health.

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Difficulty taking medications

Almost every person has experienced difficulty taking medication at least once in life. Whether the pills were too big or the taste was too nasty, people can sympathize. For people struggling with swallowing pills, a compounding pharmacy can be a lifesaver. When the standard form of medication presents a consumption complication, a compounding pharmacy can create an alternative version that’s easier to take. For example, a pill can be converted to a liquid.

When allergens are present

Even in the pharmaceutical world, filler ingredients can be found in medications. A prescription pill may contain gluten, lactose, or a dye. While the average person has no problem taking the medication, a person with sensitivities may be at risk for an allergic reaction. A compounding pharmacy can create a reformulated version of the drug without known allergens, reducing risk for the patient.

Multiple drugs are needed

Another benefit of visiting a compounding pharmacy revolves around creating custom medication blends. Some individuals have to take multiple medications regularly. Rather than consuming several pills or liquids every day, a compounding pharmacy can create a custom blend to reduce the total number of pills required. However, this service will only be offered if the medications required can be safely combined.

When medication is discontinue

Regular pharmacies may often discontinue certain brands of medication. However, for some people, switching to a competitor brand or a generic version of a prescription isn’t possible because of health reasons. An experienced compounding pharmacist can make the specific medication needed, ensuring that a person isn’t going without a necessary prescription.

Knowing when to compound

Not every prescription is a good candidate for compounding. Furthermore, compounding pharmacies tend to be more expensive than regular versions. However, for patients with special needs, or people who require medication that’s hard to find, the benefits can outweigh the expense. Individuals who are curious if a compounding pharmacy could be a solution for filling prescriptions should speak with a physician or pharmacist.


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