Compounded Pediatric Capsules and Liquids

Compounded Pediatric Capsules and Liquids - ReNue Rx Pharmacy Frisco

Giving oral medication to children can be a challenge, however, it doesn’t always have to be. A compounding pharmacy can make medications into different easy to swallow products.

What are pediatric oral medications?

Two commonly compounded types of pediatric oral products are capsules and liquids. Even products that are not commercially available in these forms can be compounded into capsules or liquids, each with their own benefits.

  • Capsules – capsules are made up of two solid shells that fit together. The medication is placed inside the capsule and then released as the shell dissolves in the stomach. Capsules have a slick outer shell that makes them naturally easier to swallow than tablets, but compounding can offer additional benefits for pediatric capsules.
  • Multiple medications – capsules can be compounded using different medications and depending on the active ingredients, multiple active ingredients may even be able to be combined into a single capsule. This is a great option for reducing the overall pill load in children
  • Extended release capsules – some medications can be compounded into extended release capsules that also reduces overall pill burden. Extended release capsules dissolve slowly, releasing the medication over time
  • Various pill sizes – capsules come in different sizes that vary in length, diameter, and capacity. Depending on the medication or medications being given, your pharmacist may be able to compound your child’s product into smaller capsules that are easier for children to swallow
  • Liquids – generally, liquids are easier for children to take. Younger children who have not yet learned how to swallow pills and older children who have difficulty swallowing may benefit from liquids
  • Custom flavoring – with compounding, your pharmacist can also create a liquid medication with custom flavoring to match the taste of your child and increase adherence

Additional benefits offered by both compounded capsules and liquids are that they can be made without gluten, dyes, or several other inactive ingredients to offer allergy friendly options.

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