Dreading Your Dentist Visit?

Going to the dentist is an integral part of oral and overall health. Dental visits are vital for kids who need to close monitor growing teeth. However, going to the dentist is a nerve-wracking experience, especially for children. The dentist can collaborate with a compounding pharmacist to make the process easier.

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How can compounding help?

Compounding is a unique skill provided by pharmacists. With compounding, pharmacists can create specialized medication to meet individual needs. The pharmacist can combine ingredients or multiple drugs to develop a helpful drug in different forms. Compounding is common for adults but can be helpful for kids. For example, dental compounding creates medicines specific to dental procedures. Parents should ask the compounding pharmacists these 3 questions before heading to the dentist.

1. Is there any way to help my child feel more comfortable at the dental office?

Taking medication is an important part of dental health. Some kids may need to take medicine before and after a dental checkup. Medication and the visit can both raise anxieties. Compounding can create medication that’s geared toward making the visit a smooth experience. Some include antibiotics, pain medication, and even procedural anxiety. The pharmacist and dentist will work together to provide the best medicine at the right dosage.

2. Can compounding help my child stick to their medicine?

Some children have trouble swallowing pills. Others have added fears about taking medication, which is understandable. Compounding can make medications that help kids be more consistent with dosages. For instance, the pharmacist can add the child’s favorite flavor to liquids, gummies, or lollipops. These simple changes can help turn a scary process into an enjoyable one.

3. My child has allergies. Can compounding help?

Mass-produced drugs do not always account for individual allergies. Allergies or severe reactions can come from ingredients and dosage instructions. Compounding pharmacists can recreate medication without the allergen. If necessary, pharmacists can make child-friendly lollipops, gels, and pastes in the proper dosage for safe, easy use.

Trust your pharmacist

The pharmacist can become a trusted ally in making the trip to the dentist more enjoyable for kids. Through compounding, pharmacists can create medicines in specific doses, flavors, and forms. As a result, kids can feel at ease taking medicine to make the trip easier. If a dentist prescribes medication, ask about compounding with a trusted compounding pharmacy.


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