How To Pick The Right Skincare Products

Good skincare is all about the right ingredients. Whether the issue is dryness, rosacea, or hormonal acne, there’s a skincare product for that. For the best results, people should know how to read skincare product labels. Look for these ingredients to help prevent acne and decrease redness.

ReNue Rx What Skincare Ingredients Are Best For Preventing Acne And Decreasing Redness


A type of B3, niacinamide offers significant benefits for the skin. The ingredient helps to regulate oil in the sebaceous glands, which can help prevent breakouts. Niacinamide also reduces redness and eases inflammation. Using products with niacinamide regularly can help the skin create a protective lipid barrier, which helps to retain moisture.


The skin’s lipid barrier is made up of ceramides. This barrier prevents dryness and protects the skin from environmental damage like pollution. Products with ceramides can help soothe irritated skin and protect against any breakouts caused by pollutants.

Vitamin C

This ingredient is one of the most well-known elements for reducing redness and improving skin brightness. Vitamin C has huge anti-inflammatory benefits and can even out complexion. A good vitamin C serum has been known to help reduce sun spots, melasma, and hyperpigmentation. Try using a high-quality vitamin C serum each morning before applying moisturizer and sunscreen.

Alpha-hydroxy acids

Two types of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), glycolic acid and lactic acid, can help fight breakouts and reduce redness. Using an AHA treatment removes dead skin, leading to an overall brighter, healthier complexion. The ingredient also helps reduce inflammation and reduces the appearance of ace scars.

Benzoyl peroxide

This skincare ingredient is probably the most well-known for treating acne with over-the-counter products. Experts say that benzoyl peroxide is one of the best ingredients for actually getting rid of acne instead of just preventing breakouts. The ingredient helps to remove excess oil, kills bacteria, and has exfoliating properties.


This ingredient comes from vitamin A and has been used since the 1970s to help fight acne. Retinol promotes skin turnover and prevents pore-clogging. Some retinoids are only available in prescription versions, but others are available over-the-counter. Start with a small dose of retinol, as this ingredient can be potent and may cause skin irritation if a person uses too much.

Can I layer skincare ingredients?

Although there are many helpful ingredients for reducing acne and redness, some of these ingredients can lead to harmful reactions if improperly combined. Always read the directions and warnings on all skincare products. For more information about the best skincare ingredients, speak with a dermatologist or compounding pharmacist.


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