Ingredients That Pack A Punch

Nothing is worse than cracked, peeling skin. A sunburn, cold weather, and harsh skincare products can all contribute to dry skin. For some people, however, dry skin is a year-round concern. When choosing a skin moisturizer, keep an eye out for ingredients that will pack a punch and provide hydration.

ReNue Rx What Ingredients To Look For In A Skin Moisturizer Treatments For Dry Skin

A tried and true ingredient

One of the most tried and true ingredients for dry skin is hyaluronic acid (HA). This ingredient is so good for skin that the product is sometimes nicknamed the fountain of youth. HA is naturally found in the body and is most abundant in the eyes and joints. Applying moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid, especially at nighttime, can be very healing and may reverse some effects of aging.

Venture into oils

Some people experience more skin dryness in the winter months. Others, however, have flaky, peeling skin all year round. People who have chronically dry complexions may benefit from using hydrating oils instead of creams. Some good oils to try include jojoba oil and coconut oil.

Back to basics

For skin that won’t hold moisture, try an old-fashioned remedy: petroleum jelly. When looking for petroleum jelly as an ingredient, the label may also read petrolatum. Though this basic ingredient is extremely hydrating, some people may want to avoid the product because of a greasy look. In these cases, shea butter or canola oil can have similar hydrating properties.

Common words to watch for

Other hydrating ingredients include glycerin and ceramides. These ingredients lock in moisture and protect from environmental factors. Many people experience excellent results from using creams that have HA, glycerin, and ceramides. For best results, use these products as part of a bedtime skincare routine.

What about during the day?

For all skin types, a daytime moisturizer should always contain sunscreen. Look for an SPF of 30 or higher. SPF is essential year-round, not just during the summer months. Protecting the skin from sun damage prevents dryness and premature wrinkles.

Natural options

Many people look for plant-based ingredients in skincare products. These ingredients help to create a barrier over the skin so that water doesn’t escape. Some of the most hydrating plant-based ingredients include rosehip, squalene, and tea tree oil.

Find a personalized solution

People struggling with skin concerns should consult a dermatologist or pharmacist to learn more about skincare ingredients. Skin is a personal issue, and patients need personalized treatments. Customized skin care treatments provide people with products that include a custom list of ingredients to address specific skin concerns. Speak with a pharmacist or healthcare provider to learn more.


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