3 Steps To Better Skin

The natural aging process cannot be stopped. There are ways, however, to decrease the prominence of wrinkles. Some health habits and lifestyle changes can combat the appearance of fine lines. The right beauty products also make a difference. Compounding dermatology treatments are one way to prevent early aging. People can also follow these 3 tips for better skin.

ReNue Rx 3 Tips To Decrease Wrinkles Prevent Early Aging With Compounding Dermatology

1. Take the sun seriously

Preventing sun damage is one of the most significant factors in reducing signs of early aging. Whether spending a day at the beach or just running errands, wearing sunscreen is crucial. Apply SPF of 30 or higher every day. When outside, seek shade, wear protective clothing, and especially avoid harmful rays during the middle of the day, when sunshine is at the peak. People should also avoid tanning beds and outdoor tanning. Instead, opt for a self-tanner.

2. Watch what you eat and drink

Some studies have shown that what a person eats can have an impact on skin health. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water can help to slow down the signs of aging. In contrast, eating a lot of refined sugar can harm the skin. Besides drinking enough water, try to limit alcohol consumption. Too much alcohol is dehydrating and damaging to the complexion, making people look older.

3. Wash your face the right way

Keeping skin clean is critical to reducing wrinkles. For best results, avoid the common face-washing mistakes. Wash the face twice daily and after excess sweating. Immediately after washing, apply a potent moisturizer to trap water into the complexion. Choose a gentle cleanser and only apply gentle pressure to the skin. Scrubbing can lead to irritation and fine lines.

Bonus: use the right products

Every person has a different skin type. This means that each person can benefit from personalized products. For example, many people benefit significantly from using an anti-aging retinoid, an ingredient derived from vitamin A. However, retinoids can be very drying to the skin and come in varying degrees of potency. Fortunately, people can use dermatology compounding to get products that contain the specific ingredients that will be most beneficial. Compounding is the process of creating personalized products that contain all of the ingredients that will be helpful for a person and none of the ones that will be harmful.

It’s never too late

The sooner a person starts healthy skin habits, the more favorable the outcome. However, the time is never too late to embark on better health. Speak with a dermatologist or pharmacist to learn more about improving skin with dermatology compounding.


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